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IJCSI Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2016
Architecture Optimization Model of Probabilistic Neural Network
Zakariae En-Naimani and Mohamed Ettaouil
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Hand Gesture Recognition and Its Application in Robot Control
Pei-Guo Wu and Qing-Hu Meng
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Fault Recognition in Electrical Power Networks Using Intelligent Techniques
Alimorad Khajehzadeh and Reza Seyedi Marghaki
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Face Shape Classification Based on Region Similarity, Correlation and Fractal Dimensions
N K Bansode and P K Sinha
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Steganography in Video Files
Shahd Abdul-Rhman Hasso
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GA-based Feature Selection with ANFIS Approach to Breast Cancer Recurrence
Hamza Turabieh
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IT Governance in Actor-Network Mode ofCollaboration : Cost Management Process Basedon Game Theory
Benqatla Mohammed Salim, Chikhaoui Dikra and Bouchaib Bounabat
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Usage of Cloud Computing in Banking System
Nancy Awadallah
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A Comparative Study on Performance of Hadoop File System with MapR File system to Process Big Data Records
T. Suryakanthi and V. S. J. Pallapolu
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Semantic blended learning model based on the activity and situation for learning pervasive at work
Mamadou Bakouan, Tiemoman Kone and Souleymane Oumtanaga
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An ID Based Algorithm for storing XML documents in Relational Databases.
Divyesh Sharma and Pushpa Suri
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Usability Testing and Evaluation of a Cloud Computing-based Mobile Learning App: Students Perspective
Aniobi David Emmanuel and Alu Esther Samuel
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The Effects of Social Networking Sites on the Academic Performance of the Engineering Students in the University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria
Emmanuel Fori
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Hardware Designation For Scaling P=NP Problem
Md. Yasin Ali Khan and Md. Abu Sayed
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Investigating the Effectiveness and Performance of WPA_PSK (Pre-Shared Key) and WPA_RADIUS Server in Wireless Network Security
Musibau Adekunle Ibrahim
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Development of Wavelength Division Multiplexing Model with Mathematical Equations
Adekunle Musibau Ibrahim
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