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IJCSI Volume 12, Issue 6, November 2015
Decision-making content of an agent affected by emotional feedback provided by capture of human emotions through a Bimodal System
Javier Francisco Guerrero Rázuri
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DSMO Sensorless Control of BLDCM Based on Exponential Approach Law
Fan Qigao, Sun Yan, Wu Yaheng and Sun Biwen
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Real-world Deployment of a Smart and Green Wireless Sensor Network for Intrusion Detection
Maïssa Mbaye, Mohamed Aymen Chalouf, Francine Krief and Martin Peres
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A Formal Definition of Model Composition Traceability
Youness Laghouaouta, Adil Anwar and Mahmoud Nassar
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Representation Schemes Used by Various Classification Techniques-A Comparative Assessment
Abdallah Alashqur
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Intergenerational Learning for the E-Inclusion of Senior Citizens through the prism of the GRANKIT Project
Athanasios Drigas and Yannis Papagerasimou
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From Detection to Exposure: Critical Perspective ofEmotion Awareness Technology
Ohoud Alharbi and Sunakshi Gupta
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Curbing cyber-crime and Enhancing e-commerce security with Digital Forensics
Israel D. Fianyi
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Development of a university educational software used for teaching of computer networks addressing
Lizzie Edmea Narváez Díaz, Victor Manuel Chi Pech, Erika Rossana Llanes Castro and José Luis López Martínez
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SRL based Plagiarism Detection System for Malayalam Documents
Sindhu.L and Sumam Mary Idicula
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Towards an Interoperable Identity Management Framework: a Comparative Study
Samia El Haddouti and Mohamed Dafir Ech-Cherif El Kettani
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Sustainable manufacturing in SMEs: Technology options
Rhythm Wadhwa
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Ventral side of a Leaf Image: Another Alternative for Leaf Image Classification
Arun Kumar
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Use of Educational Software in Mathematics Teaching: Case Yucatan, Mexico
Carlos Miranda-Palma, Maximiliano Canche-Euán and Erika Llanes-Castro
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Towards addressing Legal Compliance in Manufacturing Automation Systems
Rhythm Wadhwa
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Development and implementation of a mobile application for announcing academic activities
Alfonso Pool, José Luis López-Martínez, Sergio Alejandro González Segura and Victor Manuel Chi-Pech
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Fuzz-PageRanking for Google Search Engine
Tahseen Jilani, Ubaida Fatima and Mirza Mahmood Baig
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A Survey: Brain tumor detection techniques of Computer aided diagnosis through MRI image
Nikita Singh and Naveen Choudhary
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Randomized Passcode Generation For Triple-Stegging Using DWT And ECC
Shivanand S. Gornale and Nuthan A.C
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Challenges in implementing BI on Big Data
Palak Anand, Rachit Gupta and Abhishek Nigam
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How Advanced Persistent Threats Exploit Humans
Mercy Bere-Chitauro, Fungai Bhunu-Shava, Attlee Gamundani and Isaac Nhamu
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A New Outlier Detection Approach to Discover Low Hit Web Pages Using Sequential Frequent Pattern Mining to Improve Websites Design
K. Subramanian and S.Vasuki
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