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IJCSI Volume 12, Issue 5, September 2015
Kinematic Modeling of a Parallel Machine Tool in High Speed Machining UGV
Bourebbou Amor, Assas Mekki, Belloufi Abderrahim and Hecini Mebrouk
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An Efficient Diseases Classifier based on Microarray Datasets using Clustering ANOVA Extreme Learning Machine (CAELM)
Shamsan Aljamali, Zhang Zuping and Long Jun
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A Review on personalization in Mobile Learning
Alla Edein Qoussini, Yusmadi Jusoh and Shaima Tabib
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A Hybrid Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm for QoS-driven Service Selection Problem
Dalaijargal Purevsuren
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Building a Decision Tree Model for Academic Advising Affairs Based on the Algorithm C4. 5
M. Al-Sarem
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Manipulation and presentation of object features in virtual reality environments through smart interaction device
Iliyan Nachev and Stoyan Maleshkov
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iML: extension of UML for designing Context-Aware Services
Bouterfass Mostapha
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Manipulation of virtual objects through a LeapMotion optical sensor
Stoyan Kerefeyn and Stoyan Maleshkov
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Measuring and Improving Information Systems Agility Through the Balanced Scorecard Approach
Yassine Rdiouat, Samir Bahsani, Mouhsine Lakhdissi and Alami Semma
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Low Complexity SLM-Based PTS PAPR Reduction Scheme for OFDMA Uplink Systems
Hedieh Jahanpanah and Afrooz Haghbin
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Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms based on PSO-GA for Training ANFIS Structure
S.Milad.Nayyer Sabeti and M. Deevband
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Performance Assessment of Feature Detector-Descriptor Combination
A. M. M. Madbouly, M.Wafy and Mostafa-Sami M. Mostafa
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A Mobile Reminder System for Elderly and Alzheimers patients
Hussain Abu-Dalbouh, Abrar Al-Habeeb, Atheer Al-Kholifi, Izdehar Al-Motiry and Maryah Al-Buhairy
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Controlling Periodic And Aperiodic Real Time Tasks Using Microcontroller
Dhuha Basheer Abdullah
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Comparison of different classification algorithms for certain weed seeds species and wheat grains identification based on morphological parameters
Enas Mohamed Kamel Mohamed, Maged Hussein Wafy, Hashem Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim and Iman Asaad Badr Othman
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A simplified thematic framework related to the co-design process of ICT4D projects: Case of co-design of a Territorial web portal of Settat city
Soumia Hajbi
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The Analysis and Design of an Integrated Hospital Management System. The Case of Motherlove Hospital
John Kingsley Arthur and Madu Shedrach Jang
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Access Security Implementation towards the Information System of Research, Publication and Community Service
Kodrat Iman Satoto, Kurniawan Teguh Martono, R. Rizal Isnanto and Rinta Kridalukmana
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A Proposal For Congestion Control in Multi-Hop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Cross-Layer Based TCP Protocol Approach
K. Praveen Kumar Rao and K. Kalaiarasi
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Quality of Open Source Systems from Product Metrics Perspective
Mamdouh Alenezi and Ibrahim Abunadi
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Location Server Selection Techniques in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network
Salim M. Zaki, M. A. Ngadi and Shukor Abd Razak
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Restructuring adders for Binary/BCD addition/subtraction under the condition of no sign bit in BCD format
Tara Tavakoli, Reza Talebiyan, Nastaran Parvin and Safiyeh Nikkhah Sani
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Transition to Software as a Service (SaaS) - Case study in Egyptian environment
Esmat Mohamed Abdel Moniem
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How governments can benefit from Cloud Computing
Hatim Tadili and Alami Semma
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An Assessment of Computer Based Transactions in Nigeria
Modesta Ezema, Christopher Ezema and Caroline Asogwa
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Particle Simulation with GPUs Shading Languages
Francisco A. Madera, Francisco Moo-Mena, Enrique Ayala and Luis F. Curi
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Information Technology (IT) Knowledge Management system stage model: A proposal for today's workplace
Ezekiel Uzor Okike and Zablon A. Mbero
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