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IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Special Issue, ICVCI-2011
Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2011

IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Special Issue, ICVCI-2011, Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2011

1. Pneumatic Pressure Cell with Twin Diaphragms Embedding Spherical Corrugations in a Dual Diaphragm Structure
A. Cellatoglu and K. Balasubramanian
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2. A New Generation VLSI Approach for V/F Control of Three-Phase Induction Motor
M. S. Aspalli, Veerendra D. and P. V. Hunagund
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3. Design and Implementation of Color Conversion Module RGB to YCbCr and Vice Versa
Prathibha E., Siva Yellampalli and A. Manjunath
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4. Thermal Bound Placement With Wire Length Consideration for Standard Cells in VLSI
Bishnu Prasad D. and Jagannath Samanta
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5. AODV with Source Route Accumulation for improved Routing in WiMAX
Yogesh Chaba, Yudhvir Singh and Amit Kumar
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6. Traffic Analysis and Optimization of GSM Network
Madhusmita Panda and Saraju Prasad Padhy
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7. Efficient VLSI Architecture for Discrete Wavelet Transform
Usha Bhanu N. and A. Chilambuchelvan
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8. Multiple Parameters based Approach to Estimate band width in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
P. I. Basarkod and S. S. Manvi
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9. Performance Analysis of Multicast Routing and Wavelength Assignment (MRWA) Protocol with Dynamic Traffic Grooming in WDM Networks
N. Kaliammal and G. Gurusamy
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10. The Development of Controller for Buoyancy Engine for Use in Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
J. Supriyanka, Shabnam Parveen, P. Kavita and N. Jagdesh Babu
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11. Analytical Modeling of Double Gate MOSFET and Its Application
S. Panigrahy and P. K. Sahu
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12. Evolutionary Design of IFLC for a Three Tank System
P. S. Godwin Anand and P. Subbaraj
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13. Frequency Reconfigurable Conformal Antennas for Wireless Networks
Y. V. B. Reddy, K. Veeraswamy, P. VamsiKrishna and B. Chandra Mohan
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14. Analysis of V-BLAST Techniques for MIMO Wireless Channels with different modulation techniques using Linear and Non Linear Detection
Shreedhar A. Joshi, Rukmini T. S. and Mahesh H. M.
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15. Half Wavelength Double-ridged Half Height Rectangular Waveguide Resonator
Divya Unnikrishnan and Girish Kumar
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16. Monitoring of Risky Parameters Using ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Network
Shanmugaraj M. and R. Prabakaran
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17. Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) Reduction Techniques for OFDM-MIMO System
P. Malathi and P. T. Vanathi
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18. Analytical Model for Compensating the Curling Effect in MEMS Cantilever Beam
Vaishali B. M., Uday V. Wali and Anil V. Nandi
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19. Approaches to Optimum Dimensions Selection of Remotely Sensed EO-1 Hyperion Data for Crop Classification
Hasmukh J. Chauhan and B. Krishna Mohan
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20. Study of Transistor Mismatch in Differential Amplifier at 32 nm CMOS Technology
V. S. Raju Mandapati, Nishanth P. V. and Roy Paily
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21. Six new Full Adder Cells Based on Majority-not Gate in 45nm CMOS Technology and Analysis in SOI Technology
Manijeh Alizadeh, Behjat Forouzandeh and Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan
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22. Fuzzy C-Means method for Colour Image Segmentation with L*U*V* Colour transformation
R. Krishna Priya, C. Thangaraj and C. Kesavadas
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IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Special Issue, ICVCI-2011, Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2011
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