Sunday 21st of January 2018

Vision-Based Obstacle Avoidance Controller Design for Mobile Robot by Using Single Camera

Yi-Jen Mon

By using the single VGA camera installed on mobile robot, a vision-based intelligent obstacle avoidance algorithm is devel-oped in this paper. The image data are processed by edge detec-tion method. By using the adaptive network based fuzzy infer-ence system (ANFIS), the horizontal edge numbers (HEN) and vertical edge numbers (VEN) are feed into ANFIS to train the fuzzy rules such as to control the right and left wheels of mobile robot to avoid obstacles. The simulation results by using Mat-labTM and WebotsTM softwares reveal that the control perform-ances and effectiveness are possessed. Finally, the real empirical implementations are proceeded, it also demonstrates that the effectiveness is possessed.

Keywords: Mobile robot; Webots; Vision-based control.

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Yi-Jen Mon
Associated Prof.

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