Sunday 21st of January 2018

Using Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as an Input to Development Visual Pereception Skills (VPS)

Ahmed Ragheb Mohamed Salman

The paper examines the effect of using VLEs on the development of preschoolers\' visual perception skills based on the importance of VLEs in preschooler processing information in a way that is characterized by the great use of visual field, which may help the preschooler to over some visual perception-related learning difficulties such as visual identification, visual recall, visual analysis and visual closure. VLEs develop these skills in a more remarkable way than children using the conventional approach. This will substantially help tackling the said difficulties and contribute to a substantial improvement in the child\'s behavioral performance.

Keywords: Virtual Learning Environment ; E-Learning ; Visual Preception ; Virtual Reality

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Ahmed Ragheb Mohamed Salman
Assistant Professor at the college of computer and information Technology - Taif university

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