Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Using rules to enhance evolution of knowledge mapping: Application on Healthcare

Brahami Menaouer

Preserve knowledge, retain knowledge, these are the objectives of a scalable enterprise. Knowledge mapping is graphical techniques which allows of preserving and visualizing the patrimony strategic and trades of the domains of knowledge acquired over the years. The approach presented in this paper draws, firstly, on the exploitation of different data sources for improving the process of acquisition of explicit knowledge on an organization. In this sense, our contribution is to produce, from one hand inductive Boolean rules that will feed knowledge base CASI, and from other hand, refinement of Boolean model of the knowledge mapping already achieved by the MASKII method (Critical Knowledge Mapping).

Keywords: Knowledge management, knowledge mapping, Boolean modeling, Cellular machine, Data mining, Machine learning, Decision Tree, Decision Support System.

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Brahami Menaouer
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