Monday 19th of February 2018

UML Modeling for General Educational Services in KSA integrated with GIS

Mohammed Al-Shabi

This study has approached the distribution and planning of the educational services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Governorate. This study is of importance since it dealt with one of the most important sections in any community over the economic and social development of the country, as one of the basic necessities of the population. This study aimed at surveying the educational services, to identify to which extent their locations and specifications correspond to the international standards as well as the KSA and to have a clear notion of the distribution of these obstacles that face the implementation of such standards. To achieve this, a study of the concepts relative to planning has been made especially the planning of educational services, as well as the geographical information system that has been used due to its capability in special analysis for the locations of these services. The methodology of the study depended upon the analytical descriptive method in the data analysis framework which was collected from the Ministry of Education in KSA through the field survey of kindergartens and schools. The geographical information system (GIS) was used with the aim of preparing the necessary plans and calculating the data collected as well as the statistical program for the social sciences. The paper also able to define the workflow for each activity using activity diagrams in UML model. The sequence and activity diagram for the above proposed model is presented. The class diagrams were effective in systematically organizing the information to be used in the education services.

Keywords: UML, GIS, General education Services, Sequence Diagram, Activity Diagram

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Mohammed Al-Shabi
Dr. M. Al-Shabi received his Bachelor degree (B.Sc. Computer Science) from Technology University at Iraq (1997). Post graduate Master (M. Sc. Computer Science from Putra, Malaysia University at 2002) and PhD (Computer Science) from Putra Malaysia University, Malaysia (2006). He is currently an assistant professor of College of Computer at Qassim University. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Prior to joining Qassim University he worked in the Faculty of computer at Sana’a University, Yemen. His research interests include: wireless security, cryptography, UML, Stenography Multistage interconnection network, parallel computing and Apply Mathematics

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