Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Towards a Graph-Based Approach for Web Services Composition

Chaker Ben Mahmoud, Fathia Bettahar, Hajer Abderrahim and Houda Saidi

Nowadays, Web services (WS) remain a main actor in the implementation of distributed applications. They represent a new promising paradigm for the development, deployment and integration of Internet applications. The aim of Web services composition is to use the skills of several departments to resolve any problem that cannot be solved individually. The result of this composition is a compound of Web services that define how they will be used. In this paper, we propose an approach for automatic web services composition based on the concepts of directed graphs for the representation and description of Web services, and the ordering of web services compound execution. In this context, the user query, defined by a set of inputs and outputs, can be viewed as a directed graph composed of Web services

Keywords: Web Services, Automatic composition, WSDL, service-oriented architecture, Theory of graphs.

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Chaker Ben Mahmoud
Phd Student

Fathia Bettahar
ISIMG, University of Gabès

Hajer Abderrahim
ISIMG, University of Gabès

Houda Saidi
ISIMG, University of Gabès

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