Sunday 25th of February 2018

TLM Platform Based on SystemC for Hybrid MSR Topology

Abid Noureddine, Zitouni Abdelkrim and Tourki Rached

The Network-on-Chip (NoC) Architectures have been proposed as a revolutionary methodology to the communication of multi-core embedded processor in a chip. Interconnection topology plays an important role in communication locality of future CMPs. We suggest extracting the locality communication of sub tasks of applications. Indeed it is essential to provide a suitable NoC topology that exploits the locality of communication resource fully. Due to the tradeoff between the performance and area constraint in on-chip network designs, we have developed in this paper a transactional level model NoC router of hybrid Mesh-Star-Ring. The new hybrid topology called Hybrid Locally Mesh Globally Star-Ring (HLMGSR) use the Star-Ring and mesh graphs as the basic building blocks. The experimental results show that for a network size equal to 128, the proposed hierarchical topology HLMGSR provides an area increase of 7% over the mesh. For a network size which is greater than or equal to 64 nodes, the lowest average latency is provided by the proposed hybrid topology for different injection rates. For a network size greater or equal to 64 nodes with the uniform traffic pattern with a lower injection rate, the results show that the HLMGSR provides the highest throughput.

Keywords: Network on chip, Hybrid NoC, Locality of Communication, TLM 2.0.

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Abid Noureddine
Electronics and Microelectronics Laboratory, University of Monastir, Tunisia

Zitouni Abdelkrim
Colledge of Education in Jubail, University of Dammam, Dammam 31441, KSA

Tourki Rached
Electronics and Microelectronics Laboratory, University of Monastir, Tunisia

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