Tuesday 20th of February 2018

The True Powers of Multi-core Smartphones

Dhuha Basheer Abdullah and Mohammed M. Al-Hafidh

Just as the multi-core processors took all the attention in general computing field in the past decade, so too multi-core smartphones are taking all the attention today. Relying on the principles of tasks and data parallelism. We propose in this paper a parallel programming approach on quad-core smartphones to do a big matrices multiplication, and show how to increase the utilization of processors to achieve improvement on the systems runtime.

Keywords: Smartphone, Parallel processing, Multi-core processor, Matrices multiplication.

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Dhuha Basheer Abdullah
is the head of Computer Sciences Department, College of Computers and Mathematics, University of Mosul. She received her PhD degree in computer sciences in 2004 in the speciality of computer architecture and operating system. She supervised many Master degree students in operating system, computer architecture, dataflow machines, mobile computing, real time, and distributed databases. She supervised three PhD students in FPGA field, distributed real time systems, and Linux clustering. She also leads and teaches modules at both BSc, MSc, and PhD levels in computer science. Also, she teaches many subjects for PhD and master students.

Mohammed M. Al-Hafidh
is a master student in Computer Sciences Department, College of Computers and Mathematics, University of Mosul. He interest with networks, Databases, and operating system subjects

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