Sunday 21st of January 2018

The Exploration of the Construction of Athletes Physical Function Digital Archives

Zhigang Gong, Hongtao Liu and Xiaoben Ma

Physical functions digital archive, principally consisting of basic personal information and evaluation information, is the management process of body functional standard and scientific record, which makes it easy for sports teams and sports Research Institute to compile and use the digital files. Functional digital archive has distinctive dependence and the indiscernible, high density of data accumulation and store, transmission of shortcut, information intelligent retrieval, dissemination of intelligence, sharing of information resources and so on. Its requirements in standards, test method, recording method, recording and upload format for uniform and management modes take into account authorization and security.

Keywords: body function; Physical function; Digital archives; athletes information.

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Zhigang Gong
Zhigang Gong is working in Jiangxi normal university, received the M.S degree in Physical education and training from Jiangxi normal university, Nanchang, china, in 2007. his research interests include functional evaluation of athletes and sport nutrition.

Hongtao Liu
Hongtao Liu is a lecturer of College of Physical Education, Jinggangshan University, Ji¡¯an, Jiangxi Province, China, received the D.C. degree in Beijing sport University, Beijing, China, in 2011. His research interests include sports management and sports sociology.

Xiaoben Ma
Xiaoben Ma is a lecturer of Jiangxi Police College, received the M.S degree in Sports science of human body from Jiangxi normal university, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China, in 2007. His research interests include management of student and teaching of physical education.

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