Tuesday 20th of February 2018

The Difference Between Dwelling And Home In Architecture

Shadab Shidfar

In the low rating city environment which is the accomplishment of a society that makes technology rule over anything, home and dwelling have become the last shelters for human being. Considering today's life demands (Speed/Crowdedness/Noise Pollution/Technological improvements and fading communication at home) necessity of attention towards home as a shelter for tranquillity, stillness and a space for gathering and presence of all family members after a hard day's work, gets more important. Among all spaces around man, home is the most direct space related to man that affects him and gets affected by him on a daily basis.[1] It is the first space that man experiences a feeling of belonging. All our five senses are continually surfing it and are adopted to it as soon as possible. This article has a quick review on the concepts of dwelling and home, their role in human's life, and it insists on analyzing and separating these two concepts. Although these two concepts totally differ from each other, but usually are considered the same. It also states the necessity of difference between dwelling and home in relation to human being, by proposing arguments about human's relation to home and dwelling and the importance of understanding this relation for designing (specially architecture and urbanization) to create a framework to analyze the relation between human and environment. In this case, by analyzing each of above mentioned words perpousefuly, reasons of their difference has been argued and it has been tried to move forward in understanding home and dwelling in relation to people's needs, so the results of this research can be used in target societies. According to researches which have been done for this article, it can be concluded that the main difference between dwelling and home is hidden in the man's feeling of belonging to them. Imaginative concepts of man about a place, towards home and dwelling, and also social structure of these concepts in man's mind, is related to his belonging to a place which he is in it. Also the amount of experience that man gets in that space, directly or indirectly, is also one of the effective factors on the concepts of home and dwelling that reveals the main difference of these two concepts compared to each other.

Keywords: Dwelling, Home, Living Environment, Human

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Shadab Shidfar
Shadab Shidfar

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