Sunday 18th of February 2018

The Development of Android Software and Kernel Files by Using Example of Wi-Fi Adaptor

Yi-Jen Mon

The embedded systems such as smart phone, tablet, pocket or pad personal computers and driving navigator, etc. are very popular now. The operating system (OS) of embedded system should be reduced size, operate quickly, user-friendly, more functions and energy saving etc. Many manufacturers are studying for embedded systems, for example, Apple Ltd is for iOS, Google Ltd is for Android and Microsoft is for Windows mobile. The world\'s major researchers and scholars begin to study the Android OS on the embedded system, recently. In this paper, the Android kernel files and Wi-Fi applications are demonstrated by using the smart phone educational kit. The steps of manufactures for Android kernel files and Wi-Fi applications are implemented on the Android educational development kit called DMA 6410. The experimental results reveal that these results possess good execution performances of Android kernel files and good abilities of accessing Google map by using example of Wi-Fi adaptor.

Keywords: Android, Wi-Fi, Embedded systems, Software

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Yi-Jen Mon
Associate Prof. Prof. candidate

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