Sunday 21st of January 2018

The development of algorithms for alleviating the problem of discontinuity in speech synthesis from text written in Albanian

Adnan Maxhuni, Agni Dika, Avni Rexhepi and Dren Imeraj

Efforts to generate speech from written text are different, ranging from mechanical ones of centuries ago, to software solutions of recent decades, known as TTS (Text-to-Speech). The ultimate goal of a speech synthesizer from written text is 'ability' to read any text [2]. Reading should be understandable and natural. A speech synthesizer contains the part for the linguistic analysis (NLP - Natural Language Processing) and the digital signal processing (DSP - Digital Signal Processing)[4]. Albanian language as a separate language in Indo-European family of languages, with its own specifics in writing and reading differs from other languages and models for these languages cannot be used for conversion of Albanian texts. We acquired the Concatenation Synthesis model of building the conversion system of text to speech. This technique is based on preliminary recording of the text, from which acoustic segments are cut and stored in a database. Then, we create application which concatenates these acoustic segments, to create words and sentences [4]. During concatenation of sequences, due to differences in their amplitudes emerge problem of disconnection. In this paper we present some algorithms for minimizing the effect of discontinuity along concatenation of acoustic segments of the synthesized speech [9].

Keywords: Sequence, Acoustic Segments, Algorithm, Amplitude.

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Adnan Maxhuni
Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Digital Circuits

Agni Dika
Algorithms, Programming, Digital Circuits

Avni Rexhepi
Algorithms, Programming

Dren Imeraj
Student of Master Studies in Computer Sciences

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