Sunday 17th of December 2017

The Critical Success Factors and the effect of ERP system implementation on Business Performance

Esmat M.Abdelmoniem

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system plays an important role in managing business processes, and effect of on business performance in Egypt. ERP improves the ways businesses take orders, manufacture goods, ship products, and bill for goods. Businesses see value from ERP software. Recently, many organizations have implemented ERP systems. However, little research has been conducted regarding these systems how can ERP improve a companys business performance? This paper explores and analyzes the existing literature on ERP implementation and attempts to identify the critical success factors for a successful implementation of an ERP to improve a companys business performance in Egypt. This paper proves that the most important critical success factors of ERP implementation to improve a companys business performance in Egypt. This study has contributed to academic research by producing the empirical evidence to support the theories of CSFs and ERP implementation success. A case-study on the other hand implemented to help identify the important contributing factors for the relationship between ERP and business performance.

Keywords: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, critical success factors, Case study analysis, business performance.

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Esmat M.Abdelmoniem
Business Information Technology Dept.

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