Friday 23rd of February 2018

The Academic use of Social Networks Among University Students in Jordan

Atika Al Doghmi, Hasan Al-Shalabi, Jwaifell Mustafa Odeh, Swidan Andraws, Arafat Awajan and Adnan I. Alrabea

Most of the Arab world youths are using Social Networks for many different uses, while academic uses are still not in a formal perspective. This study aimed at exploring the academic uses of Social Networks among the students of several Jordanian Universities. The sample was analyzed according to university, faculty, gender, and year level. The study took place in four Jordanian universities in the first semester / 2012, by exploring (727) of those students through a questionnaire to collect data about SNS uses. Results of T-test, ANOVA, and Scheffe Post Hoc Tests, revealed a great deal of uses of Social Networks in three domains:1) Academic, 2) Intensity, and 3) Group uses, but not in a formal perspective. The researchers recommendations are to make better use of those Social Networks by integrating them in universities learning management systems.

Keywords: Social Networks Sites (SNSs), Higher Education, Academic Use, academic relations, University students, Jordanian University.

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Atika Al Doghmi
University lecturer, Faculty of Information Technology,

Hasan Al-Shalabi
Dean of Academic Research Deanship

Jwaifell Mustafa Odeh
Lecturer, Department of Curriculum and Teaching,

Swidan Andraws
Associate professor, Computer engineering department, Faculty of Engineering and Technology,

Arafat Awajan
Director at Royal Scientific Society

Adnan I. Alrabea
Faculty of Information Technology

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