Friday 23rd of February 2018

Telco Business Process Transformation using Agile Lean Six Sigma and Frameworx components: focus on the core engineering aspects with a case study

Mounire Benhima, Abdelaâli Himi, Camille Ameyao and Edwige Ahonie Adou

The business transformation, a worldwide trend in many industries, is to improve the business performance in order to remain competitive in a challenging market. To accompany Telco industry in this trend, TM Forum issued Frameworx which addresses the key business aspects namely process, information, application and integration ones. The purpose of this paper is to present a methodology for Telco business process transformation harmonizing Frameworx and Lean Six Sigma (L6S) since it is well proven methodology supporting this transformation. This harmonization increases the L6S agility. The focus of the current paper is on the Define phase of L6S, with some highlights about other phases, supported by a case study. The Define phase activities all together are named “Core Engineering aspects”.

Keywords: Business Process design, Business Process reengineering, Business Process Optimization, Business Process Performance, Frameworx, eTOM, Business Metrics, Lean Six Sigma, Project Charter, Change Management, SIPOC, Business Process Flow, VSM, Voice of Customer, Critical To Quality, Root cause analysis,

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Mounire Benhima
Mounire Benhima is a Senior Consultant, specializing in Business Transformation with its implementation challenges. 15 years of experience in various industrial environments (mainly ICT) in many countries (Africa, America, Europe, Asia). He is distinguished to be the first one in the world to be certified The Business Process Framework Level4 (The highest level of Business Process Framework certification) with the highest score when it was an essay. He is also part of the international TM Forum Trainers Panel (21 members as per August 2012). Mounire has held various key consulting positions and has led numerous groups in major business transformation projects. As a result of his experience and background, Mounire has developed extensive operational and strategic skills in the Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation with their impact on the organizational structure, quality management, business process engineering, information system governance, and change management.

Abdelaâli Himi
Abdelaâli Himi Abdelaali HIMI is a Senior Consultant and Researcher at the Facculté Science and Technology University Hassan I in Settat. He is an Engineer from ENSIAS since 1996. He has more than 16 years experience. Expert in management information systems and has accumulated many years of experience in project managemen, Business Process Reengineering, Enterprise Architecture and ERP. He is certified ITIL Intermediate (OSA), Cerified ISO27001 Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer and ISO2000 Lead Auditor and Certified Lean Six Sigma. He has published several papers on the management of services and the management of the business value chain.

Camille Ameyao
Camille Ameyao Camille Ameyao is a Senior Manager of MTN Business Service Delivery He is in charge of Preseales, implementation and after sales support. He is an active member when introducing new technologies. For Business To Business, he manages Pre-Sales activities, resource management and operations activities, service management and operations activities and Technical support expertise to Business Sales. He is also assigned for special projects as acquisitions. He participated in many seminars delivering high quality speeches about challenges and new trends in the Telco industry.

Edwige Ahonie Adou
Edwige Ahonie Adou Edwige Ahonie Adou is Business Analysis and Report Expert within MTN Business and Project Coordinator for many key projects related to MTN Business Business Transformation. For these key positions, she demonstrated high personal and project coordination skills which allowed her to be distinguished and assigned to key projects. She is an efficient communicator. Her main duties are implementing the integrated management systems related to processes, Designing new processes, generating the CxO Balanced Scorecard and ensuring Leadership during Business Transformation projects execution.

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