Sunday 21st of January 2018

Task Migration in Cloud Computing using Combination of Yu and Post-Copy Techniques

Elham Shamsinezhad, Asadollah Shahbahrami, Alireza Hedayati, Ahmad Khadem Zadeh and Hamid Banirostam

One technique for increasing flexibility and scalability of cloud data centers is task migration. The act of migration is performed for different goals like balancing and load sharing, energy management, reducing response time, and improvement of Quality of Service. In this paper, different kinds of migrations like Pre-Copy, Post-Copy, TPM triple migration, and related issues are studied. A combination approach is proposed using the post-copy and Yu techniques. Sub activities have been sent according to Yu routing from source machine to destination machine and all tasks in source machine are getting stopped and destination machine will continue those tasks. Results of simulation done by MATLAB software shows that proposed approach leads to overload reduction of server system. Finally, to demonstrate the performance of the proposed approach in terms of transforming time and overload will be assessed and compared with methods of Post-Copy and Yu.

Keywords: Migration, Processor, Task, Virtual Machine, Virtualization

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Elham Shamsinezhad
student university

Asadollah Shahbahrami
Director, University of Guilan

Alireza Hedayati
Director of Central Tehran Azad University

Ahmad Khadem Zadeh
Research Institute Information & Communication Technology

Hamid Banirostam
student university

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