Friday 23rd of February 2018

Supporting Context-Centric Relations in Heterogeneous Environments

Jamie Walters, Theo Kanter and Rahim Rahmani

Massive Immersive Participation is enriched through the use of context information describing the dynamic states and relations among people places and things. This in turn mandates the creation of methods and models for establishing and supporting these relationships. Previous approaches are undermined by their limited interpretation of context centric relations and subsequently do not offer support for multi-criteria relationships. In this paper, we extend on our previous work on establishing multi-criteria context relationships, to adding the support required for maintaining these relationships over heterogeneous and dynamic context information. We introduce a query language that supports an extended publish-subscribe approach and define solutions for dynamically evaluating and adjusting these relationships while minimizing overall costs.

Keywords: Context-Awareness, Immersive Participation, Context, Context Models, Internet Of Things, Context Proximity, Sensor Information, P2P Context

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Jamie Walters
Department of Computer and System Science Stockholm University

Theo Kanter
Department of Computer and System Science Stockholm University

Rahim Rahmani
Department of Computer and System Science Stockholm University

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