Sunday 21st of January 2018

Supply Chain Dynamic Performance Measurement Based on BSC and SVM

Yan Hong and Yang Zhong-Hua

Now individual contest among enterprises has been turning into collective contest among supply chains. Supply chain management (SCM) has been a major component of competitive strategy to enhance organizational productivity and profitability. In recent years, organizational performance measurement and metrics have received much attention from researchers and practitioners. The foundation of proper supply chain performance assessment system is the basis of its effective operation and management. Most of the traditional supply chain performance evaluation is a static evaluation, while the actual supply chain is a dynamic system, therefore need to adapt with ways to carry out the evaluation. In order to meet the needs of the dynamic alliance\'s overall performance evaluation, this paper extended the traditional four Balanced Scorecard dimension into five. On this basis, established the five Balanced Scorecard dimension of supply chain, and also established a three-layered of quantitative index system according to this model. Measured then each performance indexs value by using the theory of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process, meanwhile reduced the number of input of the Support Vector Machine (SVM) by using classification method, finally, got performance evaluations result by using the weighted Least Squares Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM), which provides the basis for rational analysis and decision-making of the supply chain.

Keywords: Supply Chain Performance, Balanced Scorecard, FAHP, LS- SVM

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Yan Hong
School of Management, Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Yang Zhong-Hua
School of Management, Wuhan University of Science and Technology

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