Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Study on the Distribution of the Magnetic Field of Circular and Square Exiting Coils in Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Ling-Fu Kong, Sheng-Xue Du and Ying-Wei Li

Exciting coil is an important part of the electromagnetic flow meter, its reasonable design has significant influence on the performance of electromagnetic flow meter. This paper discusses the magnetic field distributions of circular and square exciting coils in electromagnetic flow meter, using Biot-Savart Law and superposition principle, the simulation of magnetic field distribution is done, in the cross section that containing electrodes inside measurement pipe, and two indicators the magnetic induction intensity parallel degree in direction and magnetic induction intensity uniform degree in size is proposed, the analysis and comparison of induced magnetic field generated circular and square exciting coils is done based on above two indicators. This paper provides a reference for the optimal design of exciting coils in electromagnetic flow meter.

Keywords: circular, square, exiting coil, magnetic field distribution, electromagnetic flow meter.

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Ling-Fu Kong
computer science

Sheng-Xue Du
computer science

Ying-Wei Li
computer science

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