Friday 23rd of February 2018

Study of RBF Nerve Network Tuning PD Control Algoritm of Bilateral Servo System

Guang Wen

In construction tele-robot system. When p-f architecture force feedback was used, the impact of large feedback force result in the strike-like feeling on the operators hand. If the amplitude is high, it will cause the control unstable. So a improved force feedback control method with the feature of a T-S fuzzy feedback coefficient, which could be modified online nonlinearly and continuously, is developed. A RBF-PID force controller is also designed, and formed a bilateral hydraulic servo control system. The experimental results indicate that the new improved control method reduced the impact of the feedback force, enhanced the compliance and transparency of the tele-operation of construction tele-robot system.

Keywords: Fuzzy feedback coefficient; Force Feedback; Construction Tele-robot

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Guang Wen
School of Machinery and Engineering, Pan-zhihua University,Pan-zhihua, 617000, China,

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