Sunday 21st of January 2018

Sentiment Analysis of Equities using Data Mining Techniques and Visualizing the Trends

Shradha Tulankar, Rahul Athale and Sandeep Bhujbal

Markets reflect sensitively towards opinions and sentiments. Investors should be wary of the fact that external factors interact deeply with the share markets and mark their influence over the coming period. National tragedy, low economic growth, IPO releases, RBI decisions on interest rates, foreign matters and many more have an increasing impact on public mindset. Even inflationary markets show a good impact on public opinions and also countrys future growth prospects. There is no such technique to beat markets outcome, yet technical analysis and fundamentalist approach give you sustained results. In this paper, we have prepared a model that can predict the current market trends along with accuracy measures based on sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is an emerging trend to judge the market highs and lows. Visualization is provided to help end users understand markets properly and decide on their investment strategy. This model uses manual as well as automated sentiment analysis. Research reports are also taken as a mode of comparative assessment for the automated analysis.

Keywords: Sentiment analysis, sentiments, visualization, predicts, markets, accuracy.

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Shradha Tulankar
Technology with specialization in Software She is pursuing M.Tech in Advanced Information Technologies from IGNOU I2IT Centre of Excellence for Advanced Education and Research, Pune, India. She has pursued B.E Computer Science from University of Mumbai. Her research interests include Data Mining, Business Intelligence and Text Mining.

Rahul Athale
He pursued Ph.D. from University of Linz Austria.He is Vice President Sunflower Information Technologies Pvt.Ltd Pune, India. He was faculty(Adjunct) in IGNOU I2IT Centre of Excellence for Advanced Education and Research, Pune, India. His research interests include Mathematics, Business Intelligence, Parallel computing and Cloud computing.

Sandeep Bhujbal
He is Sr. Research Associate in Advanced Software and Computing Technologies department of IGNOU I2IT Centre of Excellence for Advanced Education and Research, Pune, India. He has pursued M.C.S from University of Pune. His research interests include Operating systems, Compiler construction, Programming languages and Cloud computing.

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