Sunday 18th of February 2018

Review of Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

Suriya Begum and Prashanth C.S.R

With the exponential rise in the demands of the clients worldwide, a large scale distributed systems have been introduced as a computing environment. Cloud computing has paved a revolutionary path in this direction of distributed environment for accomplishing optimized performance, shortest response time, network resource utilization, and adaptability of service level agreement. Cloud computing has multiple benefits as well as it is also accompanied with certain serious technical loopholes. The proposed paper has focused on one such issue of load balancing. The consequences of inefficient load balancing may lead to detritions of an organization business performance on cloud environment. Hence this paper illustrates various aspects pertaining to domain of cloud computing, its evolution, its generic issues, and particularly to issues related to load balancing. Various techniques adopted in the past research work have been analyzed and the findings were illustrated in this paper.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Grid Computing, Load balancing

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Suriya Begum
Suriya Begum has completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engg in 1995 from Bangalore University, India. She completed her Master of Technology in Computer Science in 2007 from Allahabad University, India and currently a research scholar in Visveswaraya Technical University, Belgaum, India. She is having almost 19 years of experience as an academician. She is presently working as Senior Assistant Professor in New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore. Her research interest is cloud

Prashanth C.S.R
Dr. Prashanth C.S.R has completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engg from Bangalore University, India. M.S in Computer Science from University of Texas at Dallas and Completed his PhD in Computer Science, from Auburn University in 2006.His research interest is high performance computing, cloud computing, networks and Operating Systems. He is presently working as Professor and Head of Department of Computer Science and Engg, New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore. He has published many national and international papers.

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