Sunday 21st of January 2018

Real Time Network Server Monitoring using Smartphone with Dynamic Load Balancing

Dhuha Basheer Abdullah and Zeena Abdulgafar Thanoon

The services provided by network servers are very important, therefore, the monitoring of these servers in real time is required to discover the obstacles in order to improve servers performance. In this paper, a file server system was designed to be monitored by a smartphone in real time through the use of dynamic scheduling algorithm for three main metrics: CPU usage, Memory usage and Free hard disk space. Dynamic load balancing (DLB) was implemented between servers depending on CPU usage of servers. Also, a dynamic checkpoint (DCP) technique was introduced to minimize files download time. The experiments show that the use of DLB reduced the CPU Usage for both servers and the download time for all clients. Also, the use of the proposed DCP technique is more efficient than the traditional static checkpoint technique.

Keywords: Real time, dynamic load balancing, checkpoint, smartphone

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Dhuha Basheer Abdullah
Dhuha Basheer Abdullah is the head of Computer Science Department, Computer Sciences and Mathematics College, Mosul University. She received her PhD degree in computer sciences in 2004 in the specialty of computer architecture and operating system. She supervised many Master degree students in operating system, computer architecture, dataflow machines, mobile computing, real time, and distributed databases. She has three PhD students in FPGA field, distributed real time systems, and Linux clustering. She also leads and teaches modules at both BSc, MSc, and PhD levels in computer science. Also, she teaches many subjects for PhD and MSc students.

Zeena Abdulgafar Thanoon
Zeena Abdulgafar Thanoon is an MSc. student in Computer Science Department, Computer Sciences and Mathematics College, Mosul University. She is interested in Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, and Operating System subjects.

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