Sunday 21st of January 2018

Proposed Software Testing Using Intelligent techniques (Intelligent Water Drop (IWD) and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm (ACO))


This paper proposed software testing system by using artificial intelligent techniques. And that was conducted through Suggestion Intelligent Water Drop Algorithm (IWD) with white box testing for generated basis bath testing and using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm (ACO) for test data generation. Correctly generated Test data helps in reducing the effort while testing the software. Automatic generation of test data is required to enables the corporation which develops the program to save time and costs as well as ensuring the test process quality, which is estimated by 50% of the product cost. Keywords: Artificial Intelligent Techniques, Intelligent Water Drop (IWD), Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), Software Testing, Path Basis Testing, Test Data Generation.

Keywords: IJCSI-2013-10-5-7254

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have BSc. In 2006,in Software Eng. From Dept of Software Eng., university of Mosul, Iraq,Researcher in 2011, MSc. Student in 2011 Dept. of Software Eng., university of Mosul, interested research fields are in Artificial Intelligent technique, software eng.

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