Sunday 21st of January 2018

Priority Based Job Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Cloud Environment

S.Rekha and R.Santhosh Kumar

Cloud computing is a form of distributed and parallel computing, whereby a super and virtual computer is composed of a cluster of networked, loosely coupled computers acting in concert to perform very large task. It has emerged as a strong domain in the field of networking primarily due to the ability of running an application or program simultaneously on multiple nodes that are connected through a network. Hence, it involves sharing of resource or computational information amongst the nodes. A proper job-scheduling algorithm is required for the efficient functioning of the cloud environment. The proposed priority based scheduling algorithm for cloud computing is based on factors that govern the functioning of a job.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Job Scheduling, Priority, Computational Complexity and Level of Parallelism

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S.Rekha is currently pursuing final year of B.Tech Information Technology from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering. She is a Certified Windows Phone Developer and also a member of IEEE. Her area of research includes grid computing and cloud computing.

R.Santhosh Kumar
R.Santhosh Kumar has completed B.Tech Information Technology from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering. He is a Microsoft Student Partner. He has published five research papers in international journals. His research area includes networking, big data, grid computing and cloud computing.

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