Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Post-processing of Engineering Analysis Results for Visualization in VR System

Stoyan Maleshkov and Dimo Chotrov

The applicability of Virtual Reality for evaluating engineering analysis results is beginning to receive increased appreciation in the last years. The problem many engineers are still facing is how to import their model together with the analysis results in a virtual reality environment for exploration and results validation. In this paper we propose an algorithm for transforming model data and results from finite element analysis (FEA) solving application to a format easily interpretable by a virtual reality application. The algorithm includes also steps for reducing the face-count of the resulting mesh by eliminating faces from the inner part of the model in the cases when only the surface of the model is analyzed. We also describe a possibility for simultaneously assessing multiple analysis results relying on multimodal results presentation by stimulating different senses of the operator.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Finite Element Analysis, Engineering Analysis Results Validation, CAD to VR Export, Multimodal Presentation

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Stoyan Maleshkov
Stoyan Maleshkov has Eng. degree in system and control engineering (1975), master in applied mathematics (1977) and PhD in computer aided system design (1981), all received from the Technical University (TU) of Sofia, Bulgaria. Fulbright scholar (19891990) at Interactive Modeling Research Lab, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA. Associate Professor of computer aided engineering and computer graphics (1990) at TU Sofia. Department chair (2000-2004) and vice dean (2004-2008), both at the TU Sofia. Since 2008: Head of the Virtual reality lab, TU Sofia. Associate professor of computer graphics at the New Bulgarian University Sofia, as a second job (2000). IEEE member.

Dimo Chotrov
Dimo Chotrov has received BSc. (2007) and MSc. (2009) degrees in computer systems and technologies from the Technical University of Sofia. Currently he is PhD student, acting at the Virtual reality lab. Member of the IEEE.

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