Sunday 21st of January 2018

Portal System for Secondary Schools

Ahmad T. Al-Halhouli and Hussein H. Owaied

This paper presents the design and implementation of a portal system for secondary schools in less-developed area. The system represents the typical educational system as a computerized system in a way allow students, parents, teachers, and the school director communicate with each other in a fast and direct way. The system has a system administrative with some administrative privileges that can add/remove users and assign the account type with privileges. The developed system has mobile-based software which allows the user a large amount of freedom to access the system and make it accessible users according to the username and password. The software ASP.Net 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio have been used to build the system. The system can be used by the students, parents, teachers, and the school director. The difference between the developed system and others such as EduWave has no accounts for the parents and they have to use the accounts of their children to access the system.

Keywords: Education System, Mobile-based Software, Portal System, System Design, and SQL Server.

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Ahmad T. Al-Halhouli
Ahmad T. Al-Halhouli is a M.Sc. student in Computer Science at Middle East University. Al-Halhouli graduate from Al Isra Private University, Amman-Jordan with B.Sc. in Software Engineering in 2006.

Hussein H. Owaied
Dr. Hussein H. Owaied: graduate with B.Sc. in mathematics from Al Mustansiryiah University, Baghdad-IRAQ in 1977, Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science from UMIST, U.K, in 1984, PhD in Computer Science from Bradford University in 1988. Currently is Associate Professor at Middle East University, Dept. of Computer Science. Usually the courses of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-Based Systems are the most of interesting for me. But to complete my duties I taught many courses such as Operating System, Logic Design, Distributed Information Systems, Coding and Information Theory, PROLOG, PASCAL, C++, Data Structures, or Computer Architecture. I have 24 years experience teaching most of the courses in computer science for different departments at many Universities for different levels (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) studies.

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