Sunday 21st of January 2018

Ontology based data warehouses federation management system

Naoual Mouhni and Abderrafiaa El Kalay

Data warehouses are nowadays an important component in every competitive system, it's one of the main components on which business intelligence is based. We can even say that many companies are climbing to the next level and use a set of Data warehouses to provide the complete information or it's generally due to fusion of two or many companies. these Data warehouses can be heterogeneous and geographically separated , this structure is what we call federation, and even if the components are physically separated, they are logically seen as a single component. generally, these items are heterogeneous which make it difficult to create the logical federation schema ,and the execution of user queries a complicated mission. In this paper, we will fill this gap by proposing an extension of an existent algorithm in order to treat different schema types (star , snow flack) including the treatment of hierarchies dimension using ontology

Keywords: Data warehouse Federation, Ontology, Hierarchical dimension, Schema Integration

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Naoual Mouhni
PHD student at unversity Cadi Ayyad Marrekesh Morocco

Abderrafiaa El Kalay
Professor assistant at unversity Cadi Ayyad Marrekesh Morocco

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