Thursday 22nd of February 2018

On the Crowded Places Multi-Exits Emergency Evacuation Model and Algorithm

Li Dawei, Zhang Xiaoqi and Wang Li

Emergency evacuation in the crowed places was discussed, under the different analysis, description, and relevant research backgrounds. First, the evacuation shortest path optimization model was established. Then the optimization solution results obtained by using of software Lingo were analyzed and verified. Finally, the quantitative solution results were conversed to the version of variable, so that the results more suit with the actual situation. This research provided a basis for the practical application of the model to develop an emergency evacuation plan.

Keywords: Crowed Place, Emergency Evacuation Model, Lingo, Variationized.

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Li Dawei
Editorial Department, University of Science and Technology Liaoning

Zhang Xiaoqi
School of Science, University of Science and Technology Liaoning

Wang Li
School of Electronic and Information Engineering, University Department, University of Science and Technology Liaoning

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