Sunday 18th of February 2018

Numerical simulation of an amphibious vehicle sailing resistance

Zhangxia Guo, Yutian Pan, Haiyan Zhang and Yongcun Wang

In order to evaluate the waterborne performance of amphibious vehicle, based on Fluid Dynamics and principle of marine mechanics related knowledge, the resistances and viscous flow field of amphibious vehicle in different headway were numericaly simulated by solving Navier-Stokes equatlons with the turbulence model. we obtained the result of frictiona resistance coefficientresidual resistance coefficient and running resistance coefficient,thus we can calculate its total resistances. the reliability of computing methed was validated by comparing the calculation results with the test data.

Keywords: Numerical Simulation, Amphibious Vehicle, Sailing Resistance, Viscous Flow Field.

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Zhangxia Guo
Taiyuan 030051,PRC

Yutian Pan
Taiyuan 030051,PRC

Haiyan Zhang
Beijing 100072 , PRC

Yongcun Wang

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