Monday 19th of February 2018

Numerical simulation investigation on propagation of the detonation wave for small-charge

Haixia Zhao

In order to study the effect of charge diameter and confinement on small-diameter detonation pressure, which the detonation pressure in different condition is studied by means of numerical simulation and experimental investigation. The results indicate that is enlarged with charge diameter enlarge under the same charge. And detonation pressure of 45# steel is bigger than PMMA. The effect of constraint condition are bigger when the charge diameter is little 3mm. The charge of 45# steel is superior in the axial detonation propagation. The conclusion indicated that the numerical simulation results are in accordance with experiments. And the detonation pressures of smaller charge were simulated.

Keywords: charge diameter, confinement, detonation pressure, numerical simulation.

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Haixia Zhao
Mr. Haixia Zhao received the Doctor Degree in science from North University Of China, in 2008. Currently, she is an associate Professor at North University Of China, China. Her research interests include numerical simulation of detonation.

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