Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Novel information security model using proposed e-cipher method with combining the features of cryptic-steganography

Prof. R. Venkateswaran and Prof. Dr.V. Sundaram

prevent detection of hidden messages. Secure data transmission method, which tries to alter the originality of the data files in to some encrypted form by using different methods and techniques. Encryption of data plays a vital role in the real time environment to keep the data out of reach of unauthorized people. After encryption, the files can be transferred securely by using multiple cytological methods. In this Paper embed and de-embed processes of information hiding in various file format and carried out analysis in different approach and procedures are implemented in developing novel information security system in multimedia files like image and video, video file and other methods. Varieties of techniques for embedding information in digital audio /video have been established. In this paper we will attend the general principles and different methodology adopted based on e -cipher model for hiding secret information using cryptographic technology, and an overview of functions and techniques, the goal of this paper is to know the different areas of information hiding and tools for providing secure data transmission with proposed e-cipher algorithms.

Keywords: Encryption; Decryption; data hiding; Mono Substitution; Poly Substitution; genetic keys

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Prof. R. Venkateswaran
Prof. R. Venkateswaran received his professional degree MCA and MBA (IS) from Bharathiar University, Tamilnadu, India, He received his M.Phil in computer science from Bharathidasan University, Tamilnadu, India, and He is currently a Ph.D Scholar in the Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Karapagam University, Tamilnadu, India, in the field of Cryptography and Network Security. Presently he is working as an Asst. Professor of Computer Applications, GR Govindarajulu School of Applied Computer Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. He has 12 years of teaching experience and 3 years of research experience. He has participated in many national level conferences and workshops, published papers in five international conferences proceedings and published four papers in international refereed journals. He is a member of CSI, IAENG, IACSIT, CSTA and many online forums. He has completed his course in Oracle 9i at Oracle University. His research interests are in cryptography and network security, information security, software engineering and database management systems.

Prof. Dr.V. Sundaram
Prof. Dr. V. Sundaram received his professional degree M.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Madras in the year 1967 and he received his Professional Doctoral Degree Ph. D in Mathematics from the University of Madras in 1989. He had 40 years of teaching as well as Research experience at PSG, Kumuraguru College of Technology and also worked in Ibra College of Technology, Sultanate of Oman. He is currently working as Director, Department of Computer Applications in Karpagam College of Engineering, Tamilnadu, India; He is a research Guide for Anna University as well as Karpagam University in the field of Computer Science and applications. He has delivered guest lectures in the areas of computer applications and attended & organized many faculty development programmes. He published several papers in International Journals and Conferences and also published 13 books in the area of engineering mathematics and he is the life member of ISTE and ISIAM. His research interests are in Cryptography and network security, Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Network etc.

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