Sunday 21st of January 2018

New Efficient Technique for Compression of ECG Signal

Nidhal K. El Abbadi and Abbas M. Al-Bakry

Data compression is a common requirement for most of the computerized applications. There are number of data compression algorithms, which are dedicated to compress different data formats. This paper examines lossless data compression algorithm for ECG data by using new method to process the ECG image strip, and compares their performance. We confirming that the proposed strategy exhibits competitive performances compared with the most popular compressors used for ECG compression.

Keywords: Data compression, ECG, compression ratio, image compression, lossy compression , lossless compression.

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Nidhal K. El Abbadi
Nidhal El Abbadi, received BSc in Chemical Engineering, MSc, and PhD in computer science, worked in industry and many universities, he is general secretary of colleges of computing and informatics society in Iraq, Member of Editorial board of Journal of Computing and Applications, reviewer for a number of international journals, has many published papers and three published books (Programming with Pascal, C++ from beginning to OOP, Data structures in simple language), his research interests are in image processing, biomedical, and steganography, Hes Associate Professor in Computer Science in the University of Kufa Najaf, IRAQ.

Abbas M. Al-Bakry
Abbas M. Al-Bakry, Graduate from Computer Science Dept., University of Technology-Baghdad in 1989. Get phD. In computer science at 2003, from august 2005 to february 2010 become head of computer science department ,and in 2010 till now work as associate dean of the Information Technology College. Editor in chief topic for the International Journal of Network Computing and Advanced Information Management.

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