Friday 23rd of February 2018

Network research based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of natural language

Zhi-Hong Ma, Xun-Song He and Hao-Xuan Ding

The size of the possibility of determining the criminal conspiracy helps to survey, monitor or question the most likely suspects. However , we can make some unclear boundary and factors that are not easy to quantitative quantified by using the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of principle. In this paper, the quantification of the theme of the dialogue of the network crime gang draw a priority list of a criminal conspiracy. Compared with the semantics of message transmission analysis and text analysis, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of principle not only makes the theme for the conspiracy more authentic intuitively and improves the efficiency of the infiltration of the core of the criminal gangs conspiracy

Keywords: Criminal conspiracy, fuzzy, comprehensive evaluation , Natural language

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Zhi-Hong Ma
Zhi-hong Ma (1975-), male, born in Ningxia, Associate Professor of the Tianjin agricultural University, master\'s degree, mainly engaged in the teaching of mathematics and applied mathematics research.

Xun-Song He
He is a student of Tianjin Agricultural University .

Hao-Xuan Ding
He is a student of Tianjin Agricultural University .

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