Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Multiple Servers - Queue Model for Agent Based Technology in Cache Consistence Maintenance of Mobile Environment

G.Shanmugarathinam and Dr.K.Vivekanandan

Caching is one of the important techniques in mobile computing. In caching, frequently accessed data is stored in mobile clients to avoid network traffic and improve the performance in mobile computing. In a mobile computing environment, the number of mobile users increases and requests the server for any updation, but most of the time the server is busy and the client has to wait for a long time. The cache consistency maintenance is difficult for both client and the server. This paper is proposes a technique using a queuing system consisting of one or more servers that provide services of some sort to arrive mobile hosts using agent based technology. This services mechanism of a queuing system is specified by the number of servers each server having its own queue, Agent based technology will maintain the cache consistency between the client and the server .This model saves wireless bandwidth, reduces network traffic and reduces the workload on the server. The simulation result was analyzed with previous technique and the proposed model shows significantly better performance than the earlier approach.

Keywords: mobile database, wireless networks, database cache, Queuing model.

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G. Shanmugarathinam has been teaching in Engineering College for more than 12 years. He is a Research Scholar(external mode) in Bharathiar university in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,India He has been the author of various books and papers which he has published more than 5 articles in international journals. His fields of interest are Mobile Computing, Cisco networking, Management of information system, wireless network and network security.

K.Vivekanandan is a Professor , school of management at Bharathiar University, He has 5 years industry experience and 26 years of teaching Experience .His research interests include Management Information System, E-marketing, Quantitative Methods , Data Mining and mobile computing. He has published more than 30 articles in national/international journals and he has successfully guided 16 PhD’s and is currently guiding 7 students.

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