Sunday 21st of January 2018

Multi-agent Based Booking of Consignment for Supply Chain Management

Pankaj Rani and Dr S Srinivasan

The main objective of this paper is to design a sub module named “Booking of Consignment” for SCM architecture which increases flexibility in freight transport by interlinking organizational and operating Processes. Combined with the use of small autonomous transport units, this helps to meet changed market requirements for freight transport .Booking of Consignment using multi-agent technology which deals with warehouse goods inventory details, registration for consignment booking fee collection of the goods in a SCM environment. An Agent-based Modeling is an approach based on the idea that a system is composed of decentralized individual ‘agents and that each agent interacts with other agents according to its localized knowledge. Our aim is to design a flexible architecture that can deal with next generation supply chain problems based on a multi-agent architecture.

Keywords: SCM, Consignment, MAS.

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Pankaj Rani
obtained her MCA from M.D. University, M.Tech from C.D.L.U University and Ph.D (CE) Pursuing From Suresh Gyan Vihar University. She has attended various national seminars, conferences and presented research papers on Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Technology.

Dr S Srinivasan
obtained his M.Sc (1971), M.Phil(1973) and PhD (1979) from Madurai University . He served as a Lecturer for 7 years in National Institute of Technology in the Computer Applications Department. Again he started his teaching career serving as Professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science, PDM College of Engineering, Haryana, India. He has published several papers on Multi-Agent Technology Systems and its applications. He is member of Computer Society of India. Attended various national and international seminars and conferences and presented papers on Artificial intelligence and Multi-Agent Technology.

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