Friday 23rd of February 2018

Multi- view Video Coding Scheme based upon enhanced Random Access capacity

Xiaoxing Lv, Lini Ma and Jingjing Guo

Due to the multi-view video coding scheme using inter-view prediction stucture, increased coding complexity, and reduced multi-view video random access performance, so one proposed multi-view video coding prediction scheme is proposed on the basis of analysis and study of several typical multi-view video coding schemes in this paper. This coding prediction scheme calculates the location of base-view by global disparity, and introduces a rational inter-view prediction structure, as well as, according the relationship between the length of GOP and random access performance to select the number of frames in a GOP. Experimental results show that the proposed multi-view video coding scheme can significantly improve the random access performance, while maintaining high coding efficiency.

Keywords: Multi-view Video Coding; Global Disparity; Random Access; Hierarchical B Frames; Temporal Layer Identification

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Xiaoxing Lv
School of Automation, Beijing Institute of Technology

Lini Ma
Computer Science School ,Beijing Information Science and Technology University

Jingjing Guo
Computer Science School ,Beijing Information Science and Technology University

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