Friday 23rd of February 2018

Modeling Methodology for NoC : MM4NoC

Sefrioui Nassim, Berrahou Aissam, Diouri Ouafaa and Eleuldj Mohsine

The current technology allows the integration on a single chip of complex systems SoC which are composed of pre-designed blocks IPs that can be interconnected by a network on chip NoCs. Generally, the IPs are validated by various techniques simulation, test, formal verification and the main problem remains the validation of communications infrastructure in order to compare the performance - latency, throughput, power consumption, area occupied. Based on the work done in Behavioral modeling and C-VHDL co-simulation of Network on Chip on FPGA for Education that focuses on the formal verification of networks on chip using an automatic proof tool, this article presents a draft introduction to behavioral modeling and simulation of a communication network on chip.

Keywords: communication network on chip, Multiprocessing, on-chip, N-dsp, N-core system.

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Sefrioui Nassim
received the DESA I.T.M in computer science, Telecom and Multimedia from University Mohammed V Agdal , EMI RABAT Morrocco. He is currently a researcher on mohammadia engineering school, EMI Rabat Morrocco. Her research focuses on interconnection networks on chip and parallel computer architectures, design methodologies for nanoscale systems on-chip, with a special interest on network-on-chip communication architectures..

Berrahou Aissam
received the DESA in computer science from University Mohammed V Agdal , EMI RABAT Morrocco. He is currently a researcher on mohammadia engineering school, EMI Rabat Morrocco. His research interests are in the fields of embedded systems and electronic design automation. in particular, her research focuses on the co design, SW / HW.

Diouri Ouafaa
received the D.E.S in computer science from the University Paris XI FRENCH in 1985. She is currently Professor of mohammadia engineering school , EMI RABAT Morrocco. Her research interests include communication architectures.

Eleuldj Mohsine
received the Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University montreal CANADA in 1989. He is currently Professor and Director of National School of Applied Sciences - Oujda, Morrocco. His current research focuses on the development of design methodologies and software tools for the design of systems on chip, the onchip communication.

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