Sunday 21st of January 2018

Modeling and simulation of multiprocessor systems MPSoC by SystemC/TLM2

Abdelhakim Alali, Ismail Assayad and Mohamed Sadik

The current manufacturing technology allows the integration of a complex multiprocessor system on one piece of silicon (MPSoC for Multiprocessor System-on- Chip). One way to manage the growing complexity of these systems is to increase the level of abstraction and to address the system-level design. In this paper, we focus on the implementation in SystemC language with TLM (Transaction Level Model) to model an MPSOC platform. Our main contribution is to define a comprehensive, fast and accurate method for designing and evaluating performance for MPSoC systems. The studied MPSoC is composed of MicroBlaze microprocessors, memory, a timer, a VGA and an interrupt handler with two examples of software. This paper has two novel contributions: the first is to develop this MPSOC at CABA and TLM for ISS (Instruction Set Simulator), Native simulations and timed Programmer€™s View (PV+T); the second is to show that with PV+T simulations we can achieve timing fidelity with higher speeds than CABA simulations and have almost the same precision.

Keywords: embedded multiprocessor systems, TLM, SystemC, ISS, Native simulation

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Abdelhakim Alali
PhD student

Ismail Assayad

Mohamed Sadik

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