Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Model for determining the impact analysis of open source adoption in software development economics

Ahmad Adnan and Muhammad Faisal Akram

Paper presents the open source software adoption and also shows the effect of open source software reuse on some software development economic factors. Research paper also discussed and identified some of the open source adoption factors which were checked for relationship with software economic factors. Cost, time, productivity and software quality are the software economic factors which were discussed in research. An enhanced research model was proposed after conducting the interviews with different project, quality managers and senior developers from IT industry of Pakistan. On the basis of interview, different hypotheses were formulated between open source software adoption factors and software development economics. How different software organizations will achieve economic gain in terms of software development productivity, to decrease the time and cost to development and improve quality of the software. The results of the paper show the most important and most critical open source software factors. Those factors are developers experience and OSS adoption which affects the software economics including cost, time, quality and productivity during the open source software development. The results shows that cost and time will be reduced if organizations hire more experienced developer and similarly, quality and productivity also improved.

Keywords: Open Source Software, Open Source Projects, Software Development, Quality, Productivity.

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Ahmad Adnan
just pass the MS

Muhammad Faisal Akram
Department of Computer Science University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan

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