Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Mitigate Black Hole Attack In Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) Protocol By Trapping

Mahamuni K and Chandrasekar C

Ad hoc network maximize the total network throughput by using all available nodes for routing and forwarding. MANETs are highly vulnerable to attacks than wired networks due to the open medium, dynamically changing network topology, cooperative algorithms, and lack of centralized monitoring. Hence, a node can misbehave and fail to establish route or route the data due to its malicious activity to decrease the performance of ad hoc network. In this paper, a method to mitigate the malicious nodes forming black hole attack in dynamic ad hoc network is proposed. This paper studies black hole attack impact in ad hoc networks with DSR routing protocol when the nodes are mobile.The proposed routing is based on DSR and is modified with detection algorithm. It is divided into two phases: Detection before route establishment and avoidance of malicious nodes during data forwarding. The silent feature of proposed scheme is its simplicity and effectiveness in detecting malicious nodes.

Keywords: Ad hoc network, network attacks, Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), Black Hole Attack, Trap Header(TH).

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Mahamuni K
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications, Government Arts College(Autonomous), Salem-7, TamilNadu, India

Chandrasekar C
2Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Periyar University, Salem-11, TamilNadu, India.

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