Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Meta-Modeling Cloud Computing Architecture in Distance Learning

Kebande Rigworo Victor, Kenneth Otula Sigar and Odongo George Yogo

Cloud Computing Architecture in distance learning has grown exponentially in the recent past. Distance Learning itself has been accommodated as an innovative technology in the IT infrastructure. It has had numerous inventions that have always offered substantial merits and benefits to major activities that human beings undertake. Due to increased demand for educational computing, usage of digital devices like Computer Based Tutorials, mobile devices and web technologies, learning administrators and practitioners in many academic setting are able to access and deliver education services electronically. Consequently this has been made easier with the availability of cloud computing as a technology. This technology has to be adopted and put to effective use by these institutions so as to reap the benefits of cloud computing in relation to distance learning. Distance learning is a vital source of dissemination of knowledge and therefore this paper explores and presents the opportunities, insights derived from cloud computing architecture in Distance learning. We also examine how the learners, administrators, practitioners and institutions will benefit from cloud computing services in disseminating knowledge and indispensable skills. Throughout the assessment, there is a clear illustration of cloud Computing framework ,Cloud based Architecture, how a Software can be used as a service, how a platform can be used as a service and how Distance learning can be of great benefit to the society if the opportunities provided by cloud computing can be adopted and implemented. This includes passing across the relevant educational materials, sharing and warehousing of these materials and data and increasing quick access by deploying cloud computing as an IT infrastructure.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Distance Learning, Architecture, IT infrastructure

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Kebande Rigworo Victor
PhD. Candidate, Department of Computer Science, Egerton University, Kenya.

Kenneth Otula Sigar
Assistant lecturer in the department of computer science, Kabarak University,Kenya

Odongo George Yogo
Principal ICT Officer at the department of Computer Science, Egerton University,Kenya

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