Sunday 21st of January 2018

Maximum Power Point Tracking of a Photovoltaic System using a Fuzzy Logic Controller on DC/DC Boost Converter

M.T. Makhloufi, M.S. Khireddine, Y. Abdessemed and A. Boutarfa

The solar photovoltaic power has received great attention and experienced impressive progress the countries all over the world in recent years because of more and more serious energy crisis and environmental pollution. Due to scarcity of fossil fuel and increasing demand of power supply, we are forced to utilize the renewable energy resources. Considering easy availability and vast potential, world has turned to solar photovoltaic energy to meet out its ever increasing energy demand. The mathematical modelling and simulation of the photovoltaic system is implemented in the MATLAB/Simulink environment and the same thing is tested and validated using Artificial Intelligent [1]. This paper proposes an intelligent control method for the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of a photovoltaic system under variable temperature and solar radiation conditions. This method uses a fuzzy logic controller applied to a DC-DC boost converter device. A photovoltaic system including a solar panel, a DC-DC converter, a Fuzzy MPP tracker and a resistive load is modeled and simulated. Finally performance comparison between fuzzy logic controller and Perturb and Observe method has been carried out which has shown the effectiveness of fuzzy logic controller to draw much energy and fast response against change in working conditions.

Keywords: solar energy; photovoltaic; PV; MPPT; P&O; Boost converter; fuzzy logic; optimization.

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M.T. Makhloufi
Batna University

M.S. Khireddine
Batna University

Y. Abdessemed
Batna University

A. Boutarfa
Batna University

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