Friday 23rd of February 2018

Mapping Wireless Sensor Network Applications Requirements to Existing Operating Systems

Tarek Mohamed Ibrahim Salem and Sherine Mohamed Abd El-Kader

The design of operating system for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) deviates from traditional operating system design due to significant and specific characteristics like constrained resources, high dynamics and inaccessible deployment. The purpose of this work is to classify existing operating systems according to the important Operating System (OS) features and to propose the suitable OSs for different categories of WSN applications. Architecture, execution model, scheduling, routing protocols, hardware support, and application support are the important OS features that are chosen to classify the existing WSN operating systems. This classification helps in understanding the contrasting differences between the existing operating systems and lays the foundation for designing an ideal operating system. To help the application developer in choosing the right OS, based on the application requirement, hardware type, also WSN applications have been classified. This classification gives insight in choosing the best suitable operating systems that fits for different categories of applications.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Operating systems, Embedded operating system, Real-time operating system, Application requirements.

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Tarek Mohamed Ibrahim Salem
Tarek M. Salem is an assistant researcher in Computers and Systems Department at the Electronics Research Institute (ERI) in Egypt. In May 2013, he completed her B.S. in Computers and Systems department, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University. During the 2005-2012 year, he joined the Arabic Organization for Industrialization. In 2013 year, he occupied the position of research assistant at Electronics Research Institute. He is a Lecturer, at Aljazeera Institute for information technology from 2011 till now. Now, he is studying for Ph.D. degree.

Sherine Mohamed Abd El-Kader
S. Abd El-kader has her MSc, & PhD degrees from the Electronics & Communications Dept. & Computers Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, at 1998, & 2003. Dr. Abd El-kader is an Associate Prof., Computers & Systems Dept., at the Electronics Research Institute (ERI). She is currently supervising 3 PhD students, and 10 MSc students. Dr. Abd El-kader has published more than 25 papers, 4 book chapters in computer networking area. She is working in many computer networking hot topics such as; Wi-MAX, Wi-Fi, IP Mobility, QoS, Wireless sensors Networks, Ad-Hoc Networking, realtime traffics, Bluetooth, and IPv6. She is an Associate Prof., at Faculty of Engineering, Akhbar El Yom Academy from 2007 till 2009. Also she is a technical reviewer for many international Journals. She is heading the Internet and Networking unit at ERI from 2003 till now. She is also heading the Information and Decision making support Center at ERI from 2009 till now. She is supervising many automation and web projects for ERI. She is supervising many Graduate Projects from 2006 till now. She is also a technical member at both the ERI projects committee and at the telecommunication networks committee.

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