Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Low Power of Ring Oscillator Based on CNTFET

Lobna Imsaddak, Dalenda Ben Issa and Kachouri Abdennaceur

In this paper, architectures of NOT gate and conventional ring oscillator have been proposed using C-CNTFETs and their operational characteristics are checked using the simulator Agilent Design System (ADS). The CNTFETs use a semiconducting Carbon nanotube (CNT) channel controlled by isolated electrostatic gates. Circuit-compatible model of conventional CNTFET, which demonstrates n and p type switching behavior depending on the gate voltage, is implemented in ADS and the designs are extensively simulated in ADS. This paper introduces the analysis of the impact of diameter of CNT variations, especially logic switching propagation time and the oscillation time period. The C-CNTFET inverter and ring oscillator are designed and their speeding and performances have investigated with the proposed compact mod el. In fact we have achieved for the ring oscillation RO6 an oscillation frequency equal to 7.04 GHz and power consumption equal to132.8 aW.

Keywords: Carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNTFET), Compact model, power consumption, Ring Oscillator

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Lobna Imsaddak

Dalenda Ben Issa

Kachouri Abdennaceur

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