Sunday 21st of January 2018

Larg Band Ridged Waveguide Polarizer as Feed for Telecommunications Satellites Antennas

Bousalah Fayza

For the transmission in high power in the systems of telecommunications Satellite; the systems in technology guides wave are best placed. the current progress recorded in the field of telecommunications requires an increase in the performances of these devices, more especially as average data processing and the recent software, such as for example the software of simulations and optimizations make it possible to make such studies. Thus the object of this work is registered [1]. Contemporary RHCP and LHCP wave occurs in several applications of microwave communication and measurement system. From this point of view the septum polarizer can be useful. The septum polarizer is a four-port waveguide device. The square waveguide at one end constitutes two ports because it can support two orthogonal modes. A slopping (or stepped) septum divides the square waveguide into two standard rectangular waveguides sharing a common broad-wall. The size of the septum as well as two versions of the waveguides excitation were analyzed and are described in this paper [11] and [12].

Keywords: Circular polarization, Ridged waveguide polarizer, septum feed horn, Simulation, Optimization, Ansoft HFSS.

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Bousalah Fayza
Doctor in Telecommunication at University Abou Bekr Belkaid -Tlemcen 13000 _ Algeria.

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