Friday 23rd of February 2018

In-orbit Calibration Method Based on Empirical Model for Non-collinear TDI CCD Camera

Shujuan Zhang and Shuying Jin

An empirical model is proposed to solve the problem that exists in in-orbit calibration method for TDICCD camera in this paper. The method brings in the line frequency normalization and virtual image stitching from TDICCD images to the pre-processing procedure, which makes the virtual mosaic images has the same characteristics as the regular Linear push-broom CCD images, therefore the interior and external calibration is possible to realize. The experimental results show that the empirical model of TDICCD camera used in in-orbit calibration can improve precision and reduce the geometric distortion of images. Moreover, the geometric quality of images is enhanced. The method presented in this paper can be used to generate high-precision geometric rectification production.

Keywords: TDICCD£» internal calibration£» external calibration£» empirical model £»geometric accuracy

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Shujuan Zhang
Shujuan Zhang is currently a associate professor of Wuhan University.Her interest include photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Shuying Jin
Shuying Jin now is working at Wuhan University.She received her PhD from from the State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying ,Mapping and Remotee Sensing,WuhanUniversity.Her research interests are in Photogramtry and remote sensing,image processing,and GIS.

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